Sport Psychology


Sport Psychologists, use evidence based psychological principles and mental skills to help athletes maximize and improve their performance. As an athlete’s technical proficiency increases, the importance of being mentally strong becomes more and more essential to insure consistent success. For example, a Sport Psychologist can teach an athlete the skills necessary to handle critical moments in their sport. These competitive challenges then become aid to confidence and mental toughness instead of something the athlete shies away from. When coming to a Sport Psychologist at Cherokee Counseling, athletes are given an initial assessment to determine their mental strengths and weaknesses. The Sport Psychologist and the athlete work together to form¬† individualized treatment plan to address the goals the athlete wants to address. The Sport Psychologist may either meet with the athlete in his or her office or observe the athlete in competition to get a more in depth view of the athlete in action. For more information please visit:


Athletes may be helped with some or all of the following:
– Handling pressure and critical moments in competition
– Focus and concentration
– Dealing with losses and learning from them
– Motivation
– Goals
– Performance preparation
– Managing intensity
– Career navigation
– Handling success and expectations
– Relationships with coaches and parents
– Attention and concentration
– Resilience
– Mental toughness
– Coping with injury
– Self-talk
– Mental imagery
– Biofeedback

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