In today’s world families come from diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. Our goal is to help you overcome challenges, encourage change and develop healthier ways of relating to each other. Through family counseling, you can acquire new skills and tools to effectively deal with issues, implement healthy change, build and maintain trust, respect, and love. Family therapy works by you gain and maintain satisfying relationships among your family members.

Therapy sessions focus on understanding individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behavior within the context of your family. The goal is to identify and strengthen your family resources, help members learn to work together towards solutions that work. In family therapy no one person is identified as “the problem;” rather your family works together to help each other with the cumulative effect of learning to value each member’s unique contributions.

Services include evaluation and treatment of:

-family distress/fighting/anger outbursts/temper problems of one or more members
-parenting inconsistencies/conflicts
-children who are acting up or acting out (lying, stealing, truancy, defiance, sexual acting out)
-communication problems
-conflicts among family members that seem without resolution
-identity and role conflict, including problems with children who fail to “launch”
-dependence vs. independence as it relates to how your family functions
-religion, ethics and values conflicts
-conflicts around money and finances, as it pertains to spouses and children
-substance abuse and addiction issues within a family
-family and in-law struggles; step family issues
-gender roles
-fear of/or actual violence or emotional abuse
-the impact of fear or threats of divorce
-coping with grief or loss

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