When two people embark on a committed relationship, they usually are seeking love, friendship, affection, companionship, acceptance, respect, and caring with a special person on their side to enhance the quality of their lives. They hope to help navigate and buffer what life brings them in safety and joy. But sometimes troubles can build and the solutions couples try may not work. They may argue or be fearful of arguing. They may feel unheard, unappreciated, disrespected, hurt, lonely, inadequate, suspicious, jealous or numb to one another. They may consider affairs, separations, break-ups or divorce. We often hear from couples who are frightened that their relationship is beyond help. Communication has broken down, trust has eroded and sex may be nonexistent. Many couples are unfamiliar with what healthy relationships look like and how they function. Seeking professional counseling may help each partner understand his or her part in these problems, gain skills in communication, productive argument resolution, and bring healing, strength and transformation to their bond.

Couples Therapy may include help for:
-premarital assessment and counseling
-communication problems
-parenting differences
-financial stress and conflict
-conflicts that seem continuous and without resolution
-anger problems
-sexual & intimacy issues
-affairs and infidelity
-fear or threats of divorce
-identity and role conflict
-dependence vs. independence
-religion, ethics and values conflicts
-parenting and discipline problems,
-conflicts around money and finances
-addiction issues
-family and in-law struggles;
-step family issues
-gender roles
-fear of/or actual violence

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