Group therapy is often a treatment of choice for clients who will make personal changes through interaction with others in a safe, confidential environment. Self-awareness, emotional growth and improved relationships are enhanced by this interpersonal process. Group members can benefit from giving and receiving feedback about themselves and others. Further, group members often realize their problems may be similar to others. This allows group members to feel less isolated, leading to a greater willingness to confront their problems. All groups are led by a licensed therapist, who facilitates the therapeutic value of the group experience. Group psychotherapy can be beneficial for some or all of the following issues:

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Isolation
– Loneliness
– Mid Life crisis
– Personal Growth
– Relationships (e.g. spouse/partner, boss, friends, parents, children)
– Self Awareness
– Self-esteem
– Substance Abuse/Addiction
– Trust
– Universality (realizing that you are not alone: that others may share similar concerns or problems)

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