Cherokee Counseling & Psychological Associates, LLP (CCPA) is a multi-disciplinary mental health practice serving clients in the north metro Atlanta area. Founded in the late 1980’s, we have evolved into a diversified staff of licensed professionals in order to better serve the growing community. Our staff includes a psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, and a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist. CCPA offers services to clients throughout the lifespan, addressing a broad range of medical and psychological issues.

We provide a variety of services, including psychotherapy, assessment, consultation, community outreach, and medication management. The clinicians at CCPA are warm, ethically sound, and respectful professionals who guide their clients to make important changes and improvements in their lives. We are committed to maintaining knowledge of the most current advances in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

It is our mission at CCPA to provide the highest quality mental health services to children, adults, and families. Whether through psychological or medical interventions, we strive to help people enhance the quality of their lives in a comfortable and supportive environment.  We pride ourselves on honoring the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and adhere to all Georgia State laws governing the practice of psychology and psychiatry.

We are located at 8910 Main Street in historic Woodstock. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our staff or the services we offer.